Jack's Features


Whether on the ground or from the air.
If Jack finds it, he'll collect it for you!

  • Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Fishing

    Search, Find and Collect. Fully automated.


The fastest way to the next level.
Let Jack do your quests for you.

  • Create your own quest profiles

    - Premium profiles are currently in progress. -


Farm mass of mobs by AOE grinding or pick out the gold pieces with single pulls. Jack fights his way to the last boss for you.

  • High quality loot

    Suitable for all classes.

Create your own Jack

Profiles & Events

With Events you can create your own personalized bot with just a few clicks. Fly to the nearest lake to fish there. Then a trip to the trainer. Maybe another round through a dungeon?

Interact with the world as you like.

  • Be creative!

    Events literally open doors for you.


GSE is fully supported.

Let Jack generate a rotation for you and go down to the smallest detail for each spell and item. Or keep it simple and use Jack's predifined rotation.

  • High scalability

    All classes supported.

Jack's Manager

Profile Manager

With Jack's Profile Manager you can let your creativity run wild. Use Jack's recommended settings to create profiles in no time or configure your profiles down to the smallest detail.

  • High Configurability

    Almost everything is adjustable.
  • Integrated Help System

    Jack explains it to you with just one click.

Event Manager

Each coordinate can be assigned with one or multiple events. Use these events to make Jack even more individual. For example, enter a dungeon, set a waiting timer, interact with an object and much much more.

  • High Individuality

    Interact with the world.
  • Own Conditioning

    Multiple conditions are also possible.

Rotation Manager

Create entire rotations in no time. Use Jack's default settings or configure each of your spells and set your own priorities. Attack tactics for pet classes can also be configured individually.

  • Detailed Spell Settings

    All Power Types are fully supported.
  • Pet Handling

    Create your own approach.
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