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  • Gathering

    Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Fishing and more.

  • Dungeons

    All Dungeons and Raids are supported.

  • Questing*

    Created in no time with our Quest Manager.

  • Pick Pocket

    Get everything out of your rogue.

  • Classic & Retail

    Classic Era, WotLK and Dragonflight. Live and Private**.

  • No LUA Unlocker

    No third party tools required.

  • Free Profiles and Rotations

    Large selection. All classes supported.

  • ESP

    Treasures, Herbs, Ores and many more.



19.99 €/mth


Notify 2.99 €

Session 9.99 €


14.99 €

All about Jack

Profile Manager

Clean and Easy

Custom Jack

With Jack's Custom Profile Manager you create and manage your profiles in a structured and clear way.

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Rotation Manager

Fully Customizable

Combat Jack

Configure each of your spells individually. Keep it simple or customize your stats down to the smallest detail. There are no limits to your creativity!

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Event Manager

Fast and Efficient

Event Jack

Our Event Manager offers you a variety of functions and the possibility to complete tasks with just a few clicks.

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All about Profiles

Create your own

With Jack you can design your bot the way you want. Our Event Manager offers you a variety of functions and the possibility to complete complex tasks with just a few clicks.

Profile Store

Use our built-in Profile Store and download profiles in a snap. The profiles are immediately available for you and can be selected with just one click via your Profile Manager.

All about Modules

* Quest profiles can be created using the integrated Quest Manager. Free and Premium Quest profiles are currently in progress.
** Currently Supported Private Servers: WotLK 3.3.5a (12340).
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